Mō Taipari

A little bit about us

‘Taipari’ represents the surging interest in Māori language, knowledge and expertise in Aotearoa. Our directors, Dr Jen Martin and Dr Karena Kelly founded Taipari in 2022, based on their long-running working relationship. For over a decade, they have collaborated in Māori language research, translation, strategic advice and professional development. Jen and Karena work together with our wider Taipari team to effectively meet the diverse needs of our clients and our communities.

The Taipari logo, designed by Kawariki Morgan, depicts three key factors:

  • the abundance of opportunity to share knowledge,
  • the accompanying responsibility to safeguard that knowledge, and
  • the obligation to ensure this knowledge is accessible and useful.

The straight line at the base of the logo represents our approach to work. We pride ourselves on taking a direct, thoughtful and principled approach. We create clarity out of complexity, and provide reliable, meaningful information for our clients and the communities we serve.